Monday, August 17, 2015

Sunday, July 5, 2015

On the Death of Communism

/.../ the simplest definition of God and of religion lies in the idea that truth and meaning are one and the same thing. The death of God is the end of the idea that posits truth and meaning as the same thing. And I would add that the death of Communism also implies the separation between meaning and truth as far as history is concerned. "The meaning of history" has two meanings: on the one hand "orientation," history goes somewhere; and then history has a meaning, which is the history of human emancipation by way of the proletariat, etc. In fact, the entire age of Communism was a period where the conviction that it was possible to take rightful political decisions existed; we were, at that moment, driven by the meaning of history. /.../ Then the death of Communism becomes the second death of God but in the territory of history. /.../ Today we may call ‘obscurantism’ the intention of keeping them harnessed together – meaning and truth.
Alain Badiou, "A Conversation with Alain Badiou," lacanian ink 23 (New York 2004), p. 100-101.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Not Quite Absolute Marxist Flashbacks - World Communist Solidarity - Swedes for Charlie

The United NLF Groups (Swedish: De förenade FNL-grupperna, abbreviated DFFG, colloquially FNL-grupperna, 'NLF Groups', or FNL-rörelsen, 'NLF movement') was a Swedish popular movement that sought to mobilize support for the struggle of the Vietnamese National Liberation Front (known by its French acronym 'FNL').

DFFG became one of the most successful Swedish popular movements in later years, the organization was able to mobilize thousands of young people to demonstrations, street sales of Vietnambulletinen (the publication of DFFG), leafletings, fund collections, etc. DFFG came to dominate Swedish public debate about the Vietnam War during several years. Jan Myrdal played a prominent role in the DFFG.
Lesson - American Imperialism BAD, Soviet Imperialism GOOD!

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Tribute to Not-Quite-Absolute Marxism Everywhere

Come gather round people wherever you browse,
And see that the web's growing different somehow,
With feminists raging like mad diseased cows,
There's a culture here that needs saving,
Now they want us to learn all their gender pronouns,
Cause online things are-a changing,

Other-kin trannies demanding respect,
For headmates oppressed by #ableists,
They'll make up a gender that you can't detect,
They think it's awareness they're raising,
So post gore in their tags till they're greener than Shrek,
Cause online things are a-changing,

Tumblr feminists and 4 chan trolls,
Can't seem to leave each other alone,
Chasing Sarkeesian out of her home,
Cause her ego needs some deflating,
When you have paper skin you shouldn't be throwing stones,
Cause online things are a-changing,

Game journalists spreading nothing but lies,
Kotaku's been hiring scores of White Knights,
Defending Zoe Quinn's five guys burgers and fries,
After she fucked them all for a rating,
Now all dissenters are rapists in Phil Fish's eyes,
Cause online things are a-changing,

Now I don't know what stupidity lies up ahead,
Or what sjw's will push on us next,
They'll keep making up facts to support what they've said,
And hop on another bandwagon,
Let those bleeding heart liberals bleed and bleed till they're dead,
And the world might stop a-changing,
Well the web might stop a-changing.