Sunday, May 24, 2015

Not Quite Absolute Marxist Flashbacks - World Communist Solidarity - Swedes for Charlie

The United NLF Groups (Swedish: De förenade FNL-grupperna, abbreviated DFFG, colloquially FNL-grupperna, 'NLF Groups', or FNL-rörelsen, 'NLF movement') was a Swedish popular movement that sought to mobilize support for the struggle of the Vietnamese National Liberation Front (known by its French acronym 'FNL').

DFFG became one of the most successful Swedish popular movements in later years, the organization was able to mobilize thousands of young people to demonstrations, street sales of Vietnambulletinen (the publication of DFFG), leafletings, fund collections, etc. DFFG came to dominate Swedish public debate about the Vietnam War during several years. Jan Myrdal played a prominent role in the DFFG.
Lesson - American Imperialism BAD, Soviet Imperialism GOOD!

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